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Welcome to Webkinz Recipes

There are tons of Webkinz Recipes out there in the Kinz World.  The trick is finding them all.  On this site, I've posted all the recipes that I know of and I've collected them by spending HOURS in the Webkinz World.  I divided them into three sections.  Blender, Cauldron, Grill and Stovetop, and the Sandwich Maker.  For more Webkinz tips check out the worldofWebkinz main site here.  And for daily updates of Webkinz check out my twitter blog!  It has the latest in the Webkinz information, so you'll never be left behind!



Cauldron, Grill and Stovetop

Sandwich Maker


I will be listing the updates down here

MARCH 18/08
New recipe added to the Cauldron, Grill and Stovetop section

Sun Flower Seeds, Fudge and Corn Flakes

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